Lower Division Courses

90A-90B. Introductory Topics in Religious Studies. (4; 4).

Upper Division Courses

Title Cross Listed
C103. Religion of Ancient Egypt. (3 units) Near Eastern Studies C103
C104. Babylonian Religion. (3 units) Near Eastern Studies C104
108. Scandinavian Myth and Religion. (4 units) Scandinavian 160
C109. Celtic Mythology and Oral Tradition (4 units) Celtic Studies C168
C111. Rhetoric of Religion (4 units) Rhetoric C131
C112. Ethical Theories. (4 units) Philosophy C104
115. Mysticism. (4 units)  
C116. The Mystical Tradition in Literature (4 units) Comparative Literature C125
C118. Western Mysticism: Religion, Art, and Literature (4 units) German C113
C119. The English Bible as Literature (4 units) English C107
120A. Origins of Christianity. (4 units)  
120B. Origins of Christianity. (4 units)  
122. The History of Christianity to 1200 CE. (4 units) History 185A
123. Europe in the Middle Ages (4 units)  
C124. The Age of Renaissance and Religion (4 units) History C157
125. The Reformation (4 units)  
130. Introduction to Judaism. (4 units)  
C132. Jewish Civilization I: The Biblical Period (4 units) Near Eastern Studies C135 and UGIS C152)
C133. Jewish Civilization II: Judaism in Late Antiquity (4 units) Near Eastern Studies C133 and UGIS C153)
C134. Jewish Civilization III: Jewish Civilization: Middle Ages (4 units) History C175A and UGIS C154
C135. Jewish Civilization IV: Jewish Civilization: Modern Period (4 units) History C175B and UGIS C155
C156. Early Chinese Thought. (4 units) Philosophy C151
C157. Later Chinese Thought. (4 units) Philosophy C152)
C161. Religion in Early India (4 units) South Asian C127)
C162. Religion in South India (4 units) South Asian C141)
163. Religious Identities in South Asia (4 units) South Asian 128)
C165. Hindu Mythology (4 units) South Asian C140)
C166. India's Great Epics. (4 units) South Asian C142)
171AC. Religious Pluralism in America. (4 units)  
172AC. World Religions in America. (4 units)  
173AC. Gandhi and the Civil Rights Movement in America (4 units)  
C175. The Political Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.. (3 units) African American Studies C124)
C182. Sociology of Religion. (4 units) Sociology C112)
C183. Geography of Religions (4 units) Geography C107
C185A. Religion and Politics: Psychological, Ideological and Behavioral Perspectives (4 units) Political Science C163A
C185B. Religion and Politics: Psychological, Ideological and Behavioral Perspectives (4 units) Political Science C164B
190. Topics in the Study of Religion. (4 units)  
H195A-H195B. Honors Course. (3; 3)  
198. Directed Group Study. (1-4 units)  
199. Supervised Independent Study. (1-4 units).